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About Us

Every pupil should feel protected and safe from any form of abuse.

The Jamiatul Ummah revised Child Protection policy amends the 2012/2013 Child Protection policy.

Please click the download link below to view the full Jamiatul Ummah's School Child Protection Policy for 2015.



Jamiatul Ummah is a multicultural academic institution - a boys' secondary school which provides a high quality programme of education, catering for the needs of the Muslim community. While Islam is central to our ethos, our understanding is that Islam as a religion leads us to respect and participate in modern life in general, and, in our case, in the normal life of the United Kingdom.

If our children are to succeed in life, therefore, they need also to be able to succeed in UK society, and to do that their education needs not only to train them in Islamic values, but also how to get on in "normal" life while practising those values. As a school, we provide the sort of education which leads to qualifications which are recognised both by Islamic society and by Colleges and Employers. Students excel in both Islamic and National Curriculum subjects.

In the current climate in which Islam is frequently viewed with suspicion if not downright hostility, we need to state emphatically that we are NOT an organisation which brainwashes children into following a path of intolerance and separatism, and declines to teach them anything that might be useful, or even accurate, about the society we live in. We are rather an organisation which promotes tolerance, inclusion and equality, and a school that most often achieves top marks when benchmarked against other schools in Tower Hamlets.

As an Islamic institution, we are committed to developing the full potential of all our pupils, academically and morally. Our concentration on moral development is fully in line with Government policy, concentrating as it does on responsibility and empathy.

One perhaps surprising aspect of the school, noted by a visitor, is that the boys spontaneously talk informally amongst themselves in English, and sometimes in Arabic, when their mother tongue, which they would usually speak at home, is neither of these. This is in marked contrast to other schools in Tower Hamlets, which tend to have cliques based on language groups, speaking informally in their mother tongues. The capacity to speak freely in English in informal relationships is of course vital if people are to integrate fully into UK society, since inclusion is based on the capacity to form informal friendships; a good knowledge only of more formal English can lead to people feeling emotionally  isolated, even as they succeed in business.

Students leave Jamiatul Ummah as individuals who are able to contribute to society whilst holding on firm to their faith and being exemplars of the message of Islam for others. Most go on to participate in mainstream further education, leading them to courses in British Universities.

Where we are 

Jamiatul Ummah is housed in a purpose-built complex, originally a Board School, which was part of the Greenwich University Science Faculty prior to 1996. 

It is located in Bigland Street, in Shadwell, at the heart of the Bangladeshi community in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.


The school has two well equipped science labs, a modern ICT Lab, 10 class rooms, a library (soon to be upgraded), a Jumu’ah mosque, two playgrounds, kitchen and canteen area and 4 large halls. More details here

What we Offer 

Jamiatul Ummah offers your children an Islamic environment where they feel welcome and supported. The school works closely with pupils and their families in order to develop their academic, moral and social qualities.

Along with English, Science, Maths, ICT, Bengali and Physical Education the institute teaches Islamic subjects including Hifz (memorisation of the Quran), Quranic studies, Hadith studies, Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh, Aqeedah, Seerah and Islamic history and Arabic.

How We Compare 

Jamiatul Ummah is among the finest institutions providing integrated education in Islamic and National Curriculum subjects.

The school’s achievements in public examinations are exceptional, most notably, in SATS and GCSEs.


This year Jamiatul Ummah set a record in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets by achieving 100% in Maths and 90% in Science at Key stage 3. The school’s SATS average this year is 90% - well above the national average.

GCSE results are also steadily and consistently high.

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