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Principal appointed for Jamiatul Ummah

Date 7 Mar 2016


(Mr Nojarul Islam)

We are delighted to announce the appointment of the new Principal of Jamiatul Ummah School.
Sheikh Abu Sayeed, Chair of the Board of Trustees, has announced that Mr Nojarul Islam has succeeded into the post.
Nojural Islam has been a part of JU since its opening.  He has steadily progressed throughout his career and was a key member of JU’s Senior Leadership Team.
Congratulating Nojarul Islam on his appointment, Sheikh Abu Sayeed said:
“We are immensely proud that Nojarul has joined us as Principal. He is an exceptional school leader with a track record of excellence, and we are confident JU will continue to deliver an outstanding education under his leadership."

Chair of JU Governors Shabbir Kawsar said:
“We are delighted to have someone of Ustadh Nojarul’s calibre on board. He is  highly experienced and a well-respected school leader with a career spanning over 19 years.
His appointment will strengthen JU’s great work - ensuring we can continue towork with our students to support their progress, further expand school’s curriculum, and inspire ever greater standards of teaching and school leadership across the school.
I am looking forward to working with him so that we can drive forward further improvements in JU.”

Education Consultant Mr Hussain said,
“I'm delighted to see Ustadh Nojarul Islam become the Principal of Jamiatul Ummah. The learned Ustadh is widely respected as a professional, a leader and a man with integrity and strong values. I'm inspired by his commitment, tireless work and determination to provide the best possible academic and Islamic education for the students.”

Principal Nojarul Islam said:
“It is a great privilege to take on this role and continue as a serving school leader. I am very much looking forward to contributing to JU’s vital work in preparing young people for modern Great Britain with universal values of Islam. I will do everything possible to meet the expectations of our students, parents, trustees as well as DfE and OFSTED for a safer education environment with outstanding achievements.”
Notes to editors

1.    JU School is an Independent Boys School providing education for 11 – 16 years with Islamic ethos since 1997 in Tower Hamlets.2.    JU is a high performing school securing 42nd position in 2015 School League Table and 47th in 2014 School League Table published by the Telegraph based on DfE School Performance data.3.    School enquires on 0207790 7878, Email at admin@jamiatulummah.org.uk

Jamiatul Ummah in top 50 Schools in the UK



Jamiatul Ummah is committed to offer a broad and balanced curriculum within the Islamic ethos. Our students have never been taught or exposed to ideas which would encourage them to disregard the laws of England and Wales.

Our position in respect to extremism is very clear; we condemn all forms of extremism unequivocally and this is recognised by Ofsted.

‘The policy is very clear about the school’s commitment to provide a curriculum that will produce good role models in society; the essential knowledge that students need to be educated citizens in democratic Britain; and promote an awareness of and respect for a diversity of cultures, values, beliefs and abilities’.

Furthermore, Ofsted continues,

‘Inspectors found no evidence to support the promotion of extremist views or radicalisation of students or staff. To the contrary, the students and staff present well-informed and positive views about the role of British Muslims and their responsibilities within the local community’.

We recognise the concerns raised by Ofsted in respect of three books in the library, however, as Ofsted rightly noted, the library is locked and current students have no access to it. Ofsted also recognised that the content of these books, ‘do not reflect the schools ethos of tolerance and integration’. Nevertheless, we are taking steps, and are at present auditing all materials in the library and those available within the school.

Jamitaul Ummah is a high performing school, and has consistently been at the top of the Tower Hamlets league table. The mosque is not part of the school and our students have separate provisions for performing prayers. We are managed by an independent board of governors, and cannot therefore possibly comment on which speakers may have been invited by and have attended the mosque.

Enrol for current years

Jamiatul Ummah Secondary School achieved 100% in GCSEs 2015 A*- C including English & Maths

Jamiatul Ummah Secondary School in Shadwell East End of London has achieved 100% A*-C for their GCSE 2015 including English & Maths.

Salman Rashid and Hifzul Rashid, who both achieved 6 A* in addition to 6 As, would like to thank their parents, teachers and fellow students for their outstanding progress and achievements at Jamiatul Ummah.  

Jamiatul Ummah was ranked the 47th best school in England in the Telegraph league table published for 2014.

Interim Principal, Mr Ehsan Abdullah commented, “Pupils have shown tremendous aspiration, determination and a concerted drive to succeed in school life.  Jamiatul Ummah is both humbled and proud to be a platform for the success of continuing generations of British Muslim men.  On behalf of the staff here, I wish the students every good fortune. I’d like to congratulate and thank every student for his efforts in achieving immaculate results that would make any and every school proud.” He thanked parents, the staff, management and supporters for their relentless sense of purpose and cooperation. “The staff have been amazingly resilient in the face of unprecedented pressures placed on our faith school this year.”

Sheikh Abu Sayeed, the Chairman of Jamiatul Ummah board of trustees, was most impressed with the results and said, ‘Dawatul Islam strives towards excellence in Education and Jamiatul Ummah is the best example of that.’ He wishes continuous success for Jamiatul Ummah in the future.

The Chairman of the Governing Body, Mr Shabbir Kawsar, also congratulated students and praised staff for the hard work and loyalty to the organisation.  He also expressed gratitude to parents for their trust and ongoing support for the school.

Jamiatul Ummah

20th August 2015


Jamiatul Ummah School

Jamiatul Ummah School achieved 100% GCSEs result including English & Maths for 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Jamiatul ummah has achieved outstanding GCSEs result by getting 100% including English and Maths. We share this wonderful news with everyone on behalf of Jamiatul Ummah.

There are 25 A*s, 78 As, 84 Bs and 60 Cs. Many students achieved 10 or more GCSEs.

This was only possible due to the sheer relentless efforts made by the teachers, students, parents, management and dua of well-wishers that Allah has given us this success.

Al-Hamdulillaah, Jamiatul Ummah has continuously worked hard to provide an outstanding education for the local community. By the grace of Allah, Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalah and your support, we are now realising our aspirations.

We hope and pray that you will continue to show your support and pray for our success in this world and the hereafter.

We pray that Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalah accepts our good deeds and rewards us abundantly.

Pupils leave Jamiatul Ummah securing places at prestigious universities such as Oxford University, Imperial College London, Kings College London, Queen Mary amongst others.


Jamiatul Ummah was established in 1996 by Da'watul Islam UK & Eire, a non-political charitable organisation. It is based in a former campus of London Greenwich University, in the heart of London's East End.


Inspection Reports  Statement

21st  November 2014

Ofsted Report 2014

Jamiatul Ummah (JU) School was the subject of an unannounced OFSTED inspection over three days in the early part of October 2014

Unfortunately, the OFSTED inspectors have downgraded JU from an outstanding school to inadequate.

It goes without saying, that both the School Leadership Team and the Governing Body are profoundly disappointed by the report......

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Ofsted Report and Action Plan

Further to the Ofsted inspection in October 2014, we have put together a Task Force consisting of key governors and SMT members. This Task Force is driving the required improvements, preparing the action plan and monitoring the progress.

Please download both the report and our Action pack below

Ofsted Report 2014

Jamiatul Ummah Action Plan

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Sixth Form Admission

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We thank Islamic Relief for their generosity for partially funding the construction of this cms website.

2015 GCSE Results

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